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Bill Green is a blogger and podcaster at AdVerve. Bill focuses on what he calls “brand madness” and combines the work of traditional, digital and social marketing. He currently works on creative strategy and pitch development with BFG in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Here he shares with us his favorite social media platforms in use as well as advice for startup companies.

You obviously have a number of social media platforms in use. Do you prefer working on one to the other? Why?

Right now, Instagram is my favorite. It’s basic premise for me isn't the filters or way it makes any shot look good — it definitely does that — it's letting people see what you're seeing right now.


You post a lot of ads that you really enjoy on our blog; do you have any favorites? Why are they your favorites?

I love most any theme, so it’s hard to say. I love local spots that are well done, even though they’re hard to find. (Rhett & Link are great at this.) That said, I also love epic spots with a deep message.


Startup companies may not be as tech-savvy as you, so what advice would you give them if they want to start marketing online?

That’s a loaded question. I’d also include established ones in that equation, not to mention many brands. The obvious answer would be to start by spending time reading content on social networks, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs. Google your brand and see what people are saying. More than any of that, the first thing I say to any brand regardless of the media channel they're on is simply: Know your voice. Know what you’re about and what your brand stands for. Otherwise, if you can’t do that, how can you expect others to understand it?


What do you like most about social media compared to traditional media?

I love how at any moment a given social network can make or break a brand. It’s a dismantling of the classic push mindset where users now have control over how they react to brands.


Do you have any predictions for 2012 as far as which social media platforms will become more popular, what trends will we see, what trends will we see less of?

Well, Instagram has blown up. Pinterest of course. As for trends, it’ll be interesting to see if the move to niche content will make its way more towards niche social sites like (where Facebook videos go to hang out). I also see more celebrities creating their own online content and in effect, giving their careers a second life.


Daniel Milstein is the author of The ABC of Sales and the #1 Loan Sales Officer in America.Interview with Bill Green